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Accessibility Services

Are you a current homeowner or renter with a permanent physical disability that limits access into, out of or around your home? Are you at risk for entering a more restrictive setting due to your physical limitations? Don’t be limited or trapped by your own home structure! Allow RCIL help you with our resources for independent living.

RCIL may be able to assist you with locating and applying for funding to modify your existing owned home or adapt your rented home to meet your physical access needs that currently infringe on your daily living activities, and put you at risk for having to leave your home.

There are multiple funding streams and services that may be considered for your individual and unique situation. Each has limitations and specific requirements that must be assessed by our Independent Living (IL) Specialists to determine if you qualify.

Don’t delay, call today to talk with one of our specialists and determine if you qualify for home modifications that will allow you to remain at home safely and comfortably. RCIL has the independent living services and resources to help you live without restraint.

For more information, please contact our IL Specialists at (585) 442-6470.

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