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Housing Advocacy

Housing Advocacy provides people with disabilities with information and advocacy on subsidized housing, rental lists, accessibility, home renovations, and homeownership options.

Home ownership Program has several different options and programs to assist individuals with disabilities who are exploring homeownership. In fact, RCIL has successfully helped many people with disabilities become homeowners through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which requires that they be given the opportunity to use their Section 8 voucher for homeownership.

RCIL has ongoing partnerships with a variety of community organizations to make this work possible. Our primary community partners provide funding and hands-on consumer assistance:

  • HSBC
  • Providence Housing Development Corporation
  • Rochester Housing Authority (RHA)

Other partners include:

  • The Greater Rochester Housing Partnership
  • Northeast Area Development (NEAD)
  • NCS Development Corporation
  • South Wedge Planning Committee (SWPC)

Additionally, RCIL was awarded grant funding in 2016 to establish a Homeowner Occupied Program serving first time homebuyers in the City of Rochester who wish to purchase a two-unit home. This program allows a homebuyer with a disability the opportunity to live in one of the units and rent out the second unit to help supplement income.  RCIL will assist eight people with disabilities to purchase a two-unit home that will be rehabbed and made accessible for the homebuyer as well as rehab of the rental unit. Eligible homebuyers include persons with mental health disabilities, persons with physical disabilities, persons with developmental disabilities and seniors. The overall goal of this program is to create more accessible units in Rochester and increase the number of low income individuals with disabilities purchasing their own homes. This is a two year grant. 

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