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Systems Advocacy

The Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL) offers many ways for people with disabilities to exercise their rights and to take responsibility for making their own life decisions.

Active in the Disability Rights Movement, RCIL’s advocacy targets four key issues in the disability community:

  1. Ongoing enforcement of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  2. Availability of home and community based services
  3. Accessible housing
  4. Public transportation

RCIL volunteers and staff advocates work to enact or improve laws, policies, regulations and services that affect the everyday lives of people with disabilities. We engage in direct action, non-violent civil disobedience protests, non-violent demonstrations, provide testimony to lawmakers and public officials, and organize e-mail and phone blitzes. When critical decisions are being made, Americans with disabilities must ensure their voices heard.

Interest in getting involved? JOIN US!

The need for ongoing advocacy continues across all levels of government and systems in Rochester and across the country. Join us and add your voice and vision to our advocacy efforts. There is strength and power in numbers!

Contact RCIL’s advocacy department today to learn more!

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