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Leadership Academy

The RCIL Leadership Academy is a groundbreaking 5 part series of training sessions for members of the Disability Rights community to learn the leadership skills needed for community and system outreach, influence and change.

If you are a person with a disability, visible or invisible, have experienced a change in lifestyle or abilities due to aging or injury, or work closely with the disability community . . . . . You are invited!

Our nation needs leaders with disabilities to hold positions of power and influence to help put an end to discrimination, stigmas and institutional bias. The motto, “Nothing About Us, Without Us”, depends on training leaders to prepare for positions that impact policy making and community building. It depends on YOU to join, learn and mentor others to do the same!

When Wanda (a current participant in the Leadership Academy’s Media training session) was asked about the purpose of this group, she stated, “To make connections across a spectrum of deaf/disabled civil rights leaders of tomorrow, as well as gain an understanding of organizational tools and actions, with a good hard look at how to best utilize media; traditional and digital. All with a great group of people.”

Quotes from other Leadership Academy participants:
The Leadership Academy has helped me . . . “to become passionate about creating positive change.” – Jensen

“I have learned not to say, ‘THEY should change things.’ I have learned to say, ‘WE should change things.'” – Linda

“This training has taught me to speak about and share about disability rights issues with confidence – even to legislators.” – Carly

“This program has helped me meet a wide variety of people within the Deaf/Disabled community and to appreciate the beauty of our diversity.” – Maria

Here are the 5 training sessions we offer:

Disability Pride
Public Speaking
Boards & Committees

Dates and Times of each training can be provided to you upon request! Contact the Regional Center for Independent Living for more information about the Leadership Academy, at (585) 442-6470 or info@rcil.org.

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